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Kamloops Largest Billboard



 HWY 5 and Halston/Paul Lake Rd.

  Up to  4050' square feet total




1,110,000  Impressions Monthly

Approximately 35,000 cars per day Highly Visible from three directions of traffic at this major intersection

This HWY Intersection is the  very last one before you will leave town; coming from the airport or any other direction. SunPeaks-has stated over 300,000 guests from December-April. This Location boasts daily traffic from the adjacent Husky Mohawk Gas station. Frequent local traffic, transport and travelers. 

-       Approximately 2600 customers each day average.

-       Halston Bridge traffic as reported below official traffic count supplied Via City of Kamloops

* 25 000 per day

-       Population of Raleigh commuters 

* 2000 per day

-       Population of Barrier BC -3255

-       Population on Paul lake and Pinantan  

* 1500 per day

-       Inter-provincial travelers and transport along HWY

*Most recent traffic count East bound and West bound from Halston Bridge, this does not account for the traffic on the HWY 5, which only adds to the overall traffic count


This Mock-up is modeled to scale as a spec to illustrate the concept and impact of the sign, the materials we plan to print on, a high quality durable printable mesh that is lightweight and suitable for large format.

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