Welcome to All-Star Apps Inc.

We are constantly building new and exciting mobile applications.  Watch our homepage for all the latest news and info.

Mobile Apps

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All-Star Apps Inc. is dedicated to developing useful and noteworthy mobile applications for iPhone and iPad and soon, all of our apps will be Android compatible.

Got an Idea?

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Do you have an idea for a mobile app?  Let us know and we will we help you run with it.  Speak to our staff to discuss the many different packages available.  Get started today!

GUI Design

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In addition to developing our own apps, our designers can also help you design the artwork and interface for your apps. Contact us for more information.

Web Design

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We can help you promote your app with a web presence as well as on many social avenues.  We also do full blown, CMS websites of any size or type.  Contact us for info.

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